PRODUCO offers you innovative technologies and modified raw materials. You will save production costs and a quality improvement to the customer. Cost savings up to 30% of total costs are possible. Convince yourself and order a free sample. The transport charge is up to you. Our most current products and procedures:

The new PRODUCO Turbo Process (PTP) can shorten your production time up to the factor 5 !

  • Optimized production components
  • You will produce with less costs and more quality
  • Raw materialīs quality will be improved

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Economize now the raw material and procurement costs with the ready mixes from PRODUCO !

Provide the benefits of using our ready mixes from low-cost to medium and high-quality product for these standards:

  • PC disk brake pads
  • PC disc brake linings
  • CV disc brake blocks
  • CV drum brake blocks

         Your benefits:

  • We are able to develop a special mixture for you
  • You save the order of raw material and carriage
  • You get the complete needed demand
  • We assure a constant quality
  • You ensure the delivery with material
  • The first OE release for one of our ready mixes took place recently


Experience the new Rotation-Split-Granulation (RSG) and economize twice - No preforming and material loss !

  • Save millions of tools costs
  • A production without dust
  • Material saving up to 15%
  • No solvents

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PRO-SILENT means constant brake power and significantly reduced brake noise !

  • PRO-SILENT - the quality you will not hear but see
  • PRO-SILENT M1 significantly reduces the brake noise
  • PRO-SILENT K1 stabilizes the friction behaviour
  • The pellets your customer can still see in the final product

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Participate in PRODUCOīs latest development & technologies for railway friction linings

  • Optimization of friction performance and wear, noise reduction
  • Investigation of faults and support for trouble shooting
  • Consulting about the conception and the optimization of application related test methods
  • User service on the items: product selection and material comparison with view to application related and environmental aspects
  • Development of friction material formulations for industrial applications as: drive technology, forging presses, winch brakes, off road vehicles, etc.

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