Do your costs force you down, too? Save up to 30% of your production costs now!


The competition is growing harder and more and more difficult. The realization of good quality at reasonable prices which can also be achieved on the market aggravates with every month to come. Above all the production costs make themselves felt everywhere.


PRODUCO has the solution for you. Save up to 30% of your production costs now and increase the flexibility of your production plants many times over. The adjustment to the market conditions will be much easier for you with the PRODUCO-TURBO- PROCESS. You can rapidly sell even smaller quantities in an uncomplicated way.


How this works? The PRODUCO-TURBO-PROCESS makes it possible.


With this innovation in the area of friction lining production, you can get high quality at low cost.


It can mean savings of several million Euro per year for you.


The advantages of the PRODUCO-TURBO-PROCESS at a glance:


-          Improved and sophisticated adjustment to all parts of your production process

-          High production flexibility

-          Low investment costs, the return on investment (ROI) is below 2 years

-          Short production cycles

-          Your production times will be reduced up to the factor of 5

-          High quality per piece

-          Constant material quality


The PRODUCO-TURBO-PROCESS is a profitable investment which can help you out of the vicious circle of rising costs.


The graph illustrates the functionality:

We would like to advise you and find the individual solution for your company.


Go and see for yourself!


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